emilights Reiki

Retracing The Reiki Within


emilights Reiki provides and records various certificates / diplomas for all "students" and "participants" who completed any training of various degrees.

The design of the certificates are unique and original. The certificates designs change with the healing system or modality, the level or of achievements, the mastery and teaching abilities.

There are, basically, two categories of certificates. One is for those who attended the Reiki or other energy / modality attunements and another type of certificates is for those who joined our classes.

Without any profit motives, emilights Reiki does not release any Reiki teaching permits to those registered for Reiki and/or other energy / modality attunements. Such credentials will humbly be given to those registered for our class and showing "Shihan" capacities.

emilights Reiki will only issue paper certification for master teacher level. All other levels will be issued digital certificates at a very low offering rates. Those who registered for our classes will receive the digital certificates for free of charge.

The emilights Reiki certificate samples can be seen much clearly by clicking the sample picture/(s)