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Retracing The Reiki Within

The Science of Reiki Energy

Einstein once said that we only use around 9% of our brain. Amazingly, this nine percent usage has taken us to the moon. So, it might be decent to say that we will be able to land, at least, on sun given that we use 100% of our brain. Is he, Einstein, joking? That's for you to decide. We heard that guy released a formula (E=mc2) that took the rest of the best brains decades to prove.

Scientifically everything is matter and all matters are made up of atoms. Inside the atom, the electrons that are spinning around the nucleus of the atom are generating an "Electro Magnetic Field" (EMF) that is a kind of energy. So, the EMF energy projects out from all atoms, matters and consequently everything. As a model, if the nucleus of the atom was the size of a tennis ball the electron would be spinning at the distance of 20 Yards away.