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Retracing The Reiki Within

Free Healing, Treatment, and Therapy

Free healing, treatment, and therapy is available for everybody. The energy or modality used will be adjusted to the recipient needs.

Free distance healing request Instruction:

  • Recipient understands that this service is not a substitute for any medical treatments.
  • Recipient understands that this service does not guarantee healing.
  • Treatments or Therapies are necessary for medium to acute sickness.
  • Please allow 5 working days (or email us for special request) from the moment you request the free distance healing.
  • Please leave us feedback by writing to reiki@emilights.com

Free distance healing guides:

  • Time : Book a time when recipient is rested. When such time is not available then book the free healing at sleeping time (not recommended).
  • Preparation :
    • Recipient should try to calm his/herself at least 5 minutes before healing process begin. Suggested ways are meditating or praying (Ask protection from Archangel Michael and/or health from Archangel Raphael and/or whoever the recipient "feel" like).
    • Body posture
  • During the healing session: Best posture involves the straightness of spine, either sitting down or lying down.
  • After healing session: Be grateful or pray. Drink a glass of water.


Please make donations for the holistic healing / therapies of any amounts you feel comfortable with. The donation button will direct you to a secure process handled by paypal, hence donations can be made by using the following cards:

Or, drop us an email to reiki@emilights.com.

Healing Request

Please click here to open a new window containing healing request form