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Retracing The Reiki Within

Glossary And Terms



A field of energy surrounding a body. explain more
Chakra, Chakras, Cakra, Cokro
High frequency energy threads located in the ethereal body. explain more
"life force energy"
Master or Reiki Master or Grand Master
There clearly exists no Grand master designation that Usui passed onto anyone.

Many masters have added or taken away some techniques and modified the teachings. Some have added Tibetan Techniques, Chi Kung, Wicca, New Symbols and whole new styles have been created. There are now

Precept (japanese Gokkai)
Gokkai is the middle part of the usui precept :
Kyo dake wa, Ikaruna (For Today, Do not anger)
Shinpai suna, Kansha shite (Do not worry, Be grateful)
Gyo wo hageme, Hito ni shinsetsu ni (Work hard, Be kind to others)
means "Higher Power or Wisdom"
The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words. Rei which means "Higher Power or Wisdom" and Ki which is "life force energy". explain more
Reiki Teate
Means the hands on healing.
Schuman Resonance
is earth's magnetic field
see Reiki Teate